Seagate NAS data recovery workflow

Before you start, consider this

Check if there are any conditions that may prevent successful recovery. First and foremost, check if you have enough disks. If your NAS was using RAID0, all disks must be available and readable for a successful recovery. If the NAS was using RAID5, which is almost always the case with 4- and 6-bay units, one disk may be missing and recovery will still be successful.

The way you will connect Seagate disks to a PC. To do this you may need to buy a hardware controller or USB-to-SATA cables.

Where will you copy the recovered NAS data to? You need to prepare free disk space – either blank external disks or another NAS device with ample free space on it.


1. Pull the disks out from your Seagate NAS. The removal does not require any tools or keys (how to do this). Once removed, connect the disks to your PC.

2. Download Home NAS Recovery, install, and launch it.

3. Mark all disks from your Seagate NAS and click START ANALYSIS to launch preliminary analysis. At this stage, Home NAS Recovery determines the possibility to recover NAS data successfully.

Select NAS disks in Home NAS Recovery software Wait for NAS disk analysis in Home NAS Recovery software

4. If the software tells that recovery is possible, purchase and enter your license key.

Enter Home NAS Recovery license key

5. Click CONTINUE to proceed with NAS recovery.

6. Select files and folders you want to copy and click COPY SELECTED FILES.

Copy files from NAS

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